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Nail Care

Easy Tips For Healthy Nails


Nails reflect our overall personality so it’s vital to look after it.

Maintaining healthy and fashionable nails doesn’t have to be time-consuming and expensive. Follow these steps and flaunt with your strong and sexy nails.




Regular nail care usually results in healthy nails that you can be proud on. Being aggressive with cleaning your nails regularly may weaken your nails and allow them to be in risk for bacterial or yeast infection. You won’t need proper manicure to maintain good looking nails if you follow these simple steps.



As long as you take healthy diet, you don’t need any supplements to strengthen your nails. But according to our experts people with weak nails may take supplement biotin, B Vitamin. It’s beneficial in growing your nails along with strength.


Wearing polish isn’t going to harm your healthy nails , though you should your nails a break on the polish. Make sure you use acetone-free nail polish remover. Wear gloves when you do your household work related to dirt or dishwashing.


It plays an important role in nail caring. Cuticle helps your nail to be protective so you are suppose to take proper care of it. Pushing them back and trimming them all may result in redness and swelling. Always apply moisturizer while treating your cuticle and massage them gently while pushing them back.


The fashion is to have clean and more natural looking short nails and not the long talons. Trimming your nails regularly helps to keep them strong and healthy. How frequently you trim depends upon the growth of nail. Use a fine file to smooth your edges and give them a proper shape.


Many women risk infection while cleaning nails with using long pointed tools. Manicurist or women themselves try to diligently clean their nail that they end up with a gap between their nail and nail bed. This kind of aggressive nail care is an open door for infection. Try to scrub your nails with old fashionable nail brush for healthy nails.


Frequently immersing hands in hot and soapy water can weaken a stronger nail too. This process dries them out along with the skin on your hand. Wear dish gloves to protect hands while you scrub.


One of the trend is to flaunt your fake nails which is very harmful for your original nails. Applying extensions goes under variety of chemical procedures. It collapse the oxygen supply and weaken your nails. Try to avoid extensions on regular basis and take care of your original nails.

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