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Is Face Roller Really Beneficial?

The Benefits Of A Face Roller

You guys have probably seen face roller on Instagram feed. This gadget have two roller balls or bit like a tiny rolling pin.

They are all said to offer major skin beneficial.

So the question arise is why people are massaging their face with face roller? And this is trend to stay here?

face roller

What’s the use of roller on your face?

The simple act of massaging your face using a face roller has a ton of skin benefits.

It may also help you to reduce stress and tension.

Here are some key benefits:

  • Improves Blood Circulation: It stimulates the blood circulation, which make your skin look brighter and feel firmer.
  • Decreases Puffiness: Roller may also decrease puffiness(under eye).
  • Cools And Soothes Your Skin: If you store your roller in refrigerator then it will cool your skin on contact.
  • Distributes Skincare Products: Face roller is mainly used with moisturizer and an oil to help the tool to roll across your skin.
  • Boost Mood: It helps to boost a person’s mood as it activates the sympathetic nerves with no condition.
  • Temporarily Tighten The Skin: It removes the visible wrinkles and tighten your skin.


face roller benefits

Myths And Facts Of Face Roller

There are many claims about face roller.

So we’ll discuss all the points here whether they are true or not.

  • Using a roller can slim your face:- False
  • Toxins can be removed from the body by using face roller:- True
  • Using a roller can contour the face:- True
  • Cure Medical Condition:- False

How To Use A Face Roller

  1. Clean your face using a cleanser and dry with a clean towel.
  2. Apply moisturizer or an oil with lots of slip. This will add lubrication and allow roller to work smoothly without irritation.
  3. Start from neck and roll upward. Being a user, I’ll suggest you to roll up, not back and forth.
  4. Continue the upward strokes over the jawline to the ear on both side with gentle pressure. You can go on like this from jaw to cheekbones, forehead, eyebrows and bridge of the nose.
  5. Roll horizontally over your eyebrows, it will feel specially relieving incase you have a headache.
  6. Continue massaging for around 3-4 minutes, if you feel any discomfort or pain , reduce the pressure and if discomfort doesn’t reduce then stop using the roller.

How often should we use roller?

Face roller are very much safe to use on daily basis. In fact it’s recommend to use daily for best results.



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